Quantcast Part A- Maintenance Standard Operating Procedures

To remain mission-ready, petroleum laboratory personnel must constantly and carefully maintain all
equipment and systems. All equipment that cannot be maintained in-house must be sent to the appropriate
outside maintenance support units. The procedures and considerations that must be followed are contained
in a preventive maintenance SOP. All personnel are expected to thoroughly understand and carry out the
steps contained within.
Maintenance of equipment is a necessary function of any petroleum laboratory. Normally, 77Ls learn
maintenance procedures through practical experience in the laboratory under qualified supervision.
Personnel who do not have the chance to learn through actual hands-on experience should be directed to
review maintenance manuals, manufacturer's instructions, and similar references for maintenance
requirements on specific equipment.
In addition to specific pieces of laboratory test equipment, there are other items associated with the
laboratory which require periodic maintenance. Such items include air compressors, vacuum pumps,
generators, and in some cases, motor vehicles. In order to keep the laboratory operating at maximum
efficiency, it is important that all assigned personnel be knowledgeable in the maintenance of all equipment
assigned to the laboratory and maintain a workable system of maintenance records. The procedures to be
followed should be organized into a preventive equipment maintenance SOP.
Preventive maintenance of equipment is a necessary function of every petroleum laboratory to ensure
that it operates at maximum efficiency. An SOP establishes a standardized and workable system to
maintain records, publications, training, and standard procedures for the laboratory. The preventive
maintenance SOP contains the following sections:
  Purpose: This section describes the purpose of preparing and maintaining the SOP.
  Scope: This section describes the broad concepts of equipment maintenance, proper record keeping,
and training of personnel.
  Responsibilities: This section describes the specific responsibilities of all personnel assigned to the
laboratory. Because maintenance personnel are not assigned to petroleum laboratories, all laboratory
personnel must perform operator maintenance on the equipment.
  Procedures: This section describes the procedures followed concerning equipment maintenance, record
keeping, and personnel training on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc., basis. Instructions for maintaining the
laboratories and their special components are in the applicable TMs.
  Record keeping: This section describes the purpose, use, instructions for completion, and disposition of
forms and other record-keeping systems that must be followed.
  Equipment maintenance: This section lists equipment and systems that must be maintained on a
periodic basis.
  Miscellaneous: This section contains other specifics such as definitions, when to use/not use specific
forms, symbols, special instructions, and calibration of equipment.
  References: This section lists the references used to guide personnel in SOP procedures. When
establishing maintenance requirements for petroleum laboratory equipment, the operator, organizational,
direct support, and general support maintenance manuals should be used.
Listed below are the specific manuals to be consulted:
Petroleum Base Laboratory.
  TM 5-6640-214-14.
  TM 10-1161, C2.
  FM 10-67-2.
Airmobile Aviation Fuel Laboratory.
  TM 5-6640-213-14.
  TM 5-4120-295-15.
  TM 9-2330-271-14.
  FM 10-67-2.
Mobile, Semitrailer Mounted Petroleum Laboratory.
  TM 5-6640-212-14.
  TM 5-4120-274-15.
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