Quantcast Series and Parallel Installation of Pumps

Series and Parallel Installation of Pumps.  Pumps are normally hooked
up either in series or in parallel.  A pump hydraulic system is very similar
to an electrical system.
Electrical storage batteries are described in
terms of series or parallel hookups.  To get 12 volts of electricity, two 6-
volt batteries must be connected in series.  The same two 6-volt batteries
connected in parallel yield 6 volts of electricity, but the current doubles.
In other words, head capacity resembles voltage, and flow rate resembles
Both types of hookups (manifold) have certain advantages.
pumps connected in series double the head capacity of a single pump, while
the flow rate remains the same as for a single pump.  Two pumps connected in
parallel double the flow rate capability of a single pump, while the head
capacity remains the same as for a single pump.
a. Pump station operation in series.  Pumps in a mainline pump station
are invariably hooked up in series, since the primary consideration is head
capacity.  Pumps hooked up in series actually pump the fuel more than once.
This repeated pumping builds up high pressure, which pushes the fuel through
the pipeline for a long distance to the next pump station.
The 6-inch,
single-stage and the 4-inch, four-stage pumps can be hooked up in series by
use of a crossover pipe (Figure 3).
The 4-inch, four-stage pump unit is
preset to always operate in series.
Figure 3.
The 6-inch, two-stage pumping unit


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