Quantcast Preparing SF 135 and SF 135-A

(6) Do not transfer records on persons or organizations not affiliated with the
Department of Defense. Handle any such records per the instructions in AR 380-13.
l. Preparing SF 135 and SF 135-A.
(1) SF 135 (Records Transmittal and Receipt) and SF 135-A (Records Transmittal and
Receipt (Continuation)) will describe records in enough detail to permit quick retrieval of
specific documents.
(2) Prepare a separate SF 135 for each records shipment. Use SF 135-A as a
continuation sheet. SF 135 and 135-A may be electronically generated without exception
approval by the General Services Administration, provided the electronic form matches, as
closely as possible, the official printed edition of the form, including all data elements,
instructions, and identifying information. The form number will not be altered to show R or
E. The date of the form will be the same as the current edition of the printed form.
(3) Make an original and one copy of each form when transferring records to an RHA or
an Overseas Command Records Holding Area (OCRHA). If the shipment contains records of a
discontinued unit, include an additional copy which will be sent to the IM of the next higher
(4) Specify on the SF 135 that records are on microform or other machine readable
media when transferring or retiring them. The IM or RHA manager should prepare new SF 135s
if, for example, nonpermanent records have been removed from boxes and replaced with
permanent records to consolidate records for retirement.
(5) Entries on SF 135 follow:
Item 1: If transferring records to an RHA or an Army records center, cross out "Federal Archives and Records
Center, General Services Administration" and enter the appropriate address. If retiring records to the FRC
(normally from an RHA), enter the address of the FRC.
Item 2: Enter name and title of the record creator or head of the organizational element transferring the records.
That person will place his or her signature in this block and enter the current date.
Item 3: Enter the name and telephone number of the custodian of the records.
Item 4: Completed by the RHA or FRC.
Item 5: Enter the name and address of the organizational element transferring the records.
Items 6(a), 6(b), and 6(c): These items are normally completed by the RHA or FRC; however, HQDA agencies in
the National Capital Region retiring records to WNRC may also complete these items. Enter the accession numbers
obtained in advance from the appropriate records official. The ODISC4 will allocate blocks of accession numbers
to Army staff agencies assigned Records Group 319. Agency heads that have been assigned a Record Group
number by the NARA other than 319 (such as 77, 112, 153, 168, 203, 335, and 410) may assign accession numbers
for their agencies without contacting ODISC4. When retiring records to centers other than WNRC, HQDA agencies
will not complete items 6(a), 6(b), and 6(c).
Item 6(d): Enter the number of boxes in the shipment.
Item 6(e): Enter the number of each records box in relation to the number of boxes in the record shipment (for
example, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3).


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