Quantcast Responsibilities of a Senior First Cook

(4) Maintain nutrient retention.
(5) Maintain calorie control.
(6) Use progressive cooking
(7) Set up the serving line properly.
(8) Use edible garnish only which is placed on the food and not on the line.
b. When you monitor safety and sanitation practices, ensure that:
(1) Personnel maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness.
(2) Personnel wear a clean uniform daily.
(3) Personnel are trained in the prevention of foodborne illness.
(4) Floors are clean and dry.
(5) Personnel follow instructions on operating equipment and clean up spilled food or
liquids immediately.
(6) Personnel never play around in the kitchen.
(7) Personnel clean as they go.
c. If your personnel fail to follow any of the guidelines, problems will result. Spoilage,
injury, and health should be your daily concern when supervising personnel at work.
4.  Responsibilities of a Senior First Cook. As a senior first cook, you must ensure that your
cooks are well trained, knowledgeable, and able to perform the duties assigned. All tasks must be
learned to effectively function as the senior first cook/food operations sergeant. You must be
able to do the following:
a.  Supervise preparation, serving, and storage of food items to ensure optimal nutritional
value. You are responsible for all subsistence items from the time they are received until they are
b.  Conduct quality assurance evaluation of food preparation and finished products. You
must be able to determine if recipes were followed and if finished products are standard and
recommend corrective action for nonstandard products. Quality assurance is a never-ending
process. By being proficient in every task for your grade and by training and supervising your
cooks, you will ensure that only the highest quality products are served.
QM 6322


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