Introduction, Service Operations, Field Operations, Water Operations, ROWPU Operations, Distribution Of Operations, Monitor Storage, Reverse Osmosis, Manage Water, Petroleum Operations, Tank Vehicles, Quality Surveillance

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Army Quartermaster

QM0113-Basic Mathematics I Addition Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division

QM0114-Basic Mathematics II Decimal Fractions

QM0115-Basic Math III Area and Volume

QM0116-Basic Mathematics IV Ratio and Proportion

QM0424A-Introduction to Force Provider and the Quartermaster Force Provider Company

qm3510b-Garrison Food Service Operations

qm3511a-Planning Subsistence Field Operations

Qm4910a-Supervise Water Operations

Qm4911a-Supervise 3,000-GPH ROWPU Operations

Qm4912a-Supervise Storage and Distribution of Operations

qm4913a-Supervise 600-GPH Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit ROWPU Operations

Qm4916a-Monitor Water Operations

Qm4917a-Monitor 3,000-GPH Reverse Osmosis Water Purifications Unit ROWPU Operations

Qm4918-Monitor Storage and Distribution Operation

qm4919a-Monitor 600-GPH Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit ROWPU Operations

QM4922-Manage Water Operations

QM4923-Manage Rowpu Operations

QM4924-Manage Storage, Distribution, and Issue Operations

QM5092-Direct General Petroleum Operations

QM5094-Direct Tank Vehicles

QM5095-Direct Class III Operations

QM5096-Direct Pipeline Operations

qm5097-Control General Petroleum Operations

QM5098-Control Tank Vehicles

QM5099-Control Class III and Pipeline Operations

QM5180-Direct Laboratory Operations

QM5181-Direct Operation and Maintenance of Laboratory Facilities

QM5182-Direct Quality Surveillance

QM5183-Manage Laboratory Operations

QM5184-Manage Quality AssuranceSurveillance

qm5185-Supervise Laboratory Operations

Qm5200a-Petroluem Operations and Applications

qm5201a-Pump Graphs

qm5202a-Batching and Scheduling

qm5203-Hydraulics in Pipeline Operations

qm5204-Water Operations and Applications

QM6302-Combined Arms Support Part III

qm6304-Combined Arms Support Part V

qm6311-Dining Facility Administration

qm6312-Total Army Training System Courseware TATSC

QM6321-Dining Facility Security Program

qm6322-Nutritional Food Preparation NutrionalSkills Development Workshop

QM7000-Apply Procedures for Followup Request on Requisitions



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