Quantcast Complete DA Form 2407 (Maintenance Request) When Requesting Maintenance

Only preventive maintenance that is performed on a time or mileage basis should be scheduled and
recorded on DD Form 314. For example, DD Form 314 should be used to schedule and record maintenance that
is done every 3 months, after 1,000 hours of operation, or every 5,000 miles.
Complete DA Form 2407 (Maintenance Request) When Requesting Maintenance
Support. DA Form 2407 (Figure 4-1) is used by organizational maintenance personnel mainly to request
support maintenance. It is used when organizational maintenance personnel cannot repair a piece of equipment
because of a lack of ability or proper tools. All copies of DA Form 2407 are sent with the faulty equipment to the
support activity. The receipt copy is sent back to the owning organization where it is kept on file until the
equipment is returned.
DA Form 2407 is also used to report maintenance on certain sample items and to submit warranty claims.
DA Form 2407-1 is used where there are not enough lines on DA Form 2407. DA Form 2405 is used by the
owning organization to keep a record of DA Forms 2407 sent to support maintenance.
Purpose. Both DA Form 2407 (Maintenance Request) and DA Form 2407-1 (Maintenance Request
Continuation Sheet) serve as a request for maintenance support and give information to all levels of
maintenance management.
The DA Forms 2407/2407-1 are the source of information for the Army's work order data base, called the
Work Order Logistics File (WOLF) that provides statistical weapon analyses such as mean time to repair and
repair parts usage at the Direct Support (DS)/General Support (GS) levels of maintenance for selected major
weapon systems.
Submit the maintenance request data to AMCs Logistics Support Activity (LOGSA) through the Standard
Army Maintenance System (SAMS) or the Maintenance Information Management System (MIMS).
Use. DA Forms 2407/2407-1 are used as maintenance requests for:
  Requesting support maintenance.
  Repairs beyond the unit's authorized capability or capacity.
  Application of Military Work Orders (MWOs).
  Fabrication or assembly of items.
  Reporting work on DA-directed items under an approved sampling plan.
  Initiating work requests that may become warranty claim actions.
  Showing all support maintenance done on general purpose and passenger-carrying vehicles, and combat
and tactical equipment.
  Requesting an estimated cost of damage (ECOD) or technical inspection to determine the
serviceability/repairability of an item prior to repair or turn-in for replacement.
General Instructions. A separate DA Form 2407 will be filled out on each item reported under AR 700-138
(Army Logistics Readiness and Sustainability). A separate form will also be filled out on each component of an
item reported under AR 700-138, when submitted separate from end item. You may combine items with the
same make, model, and NSN on a single DA Form 2407 when they are not reported under AR 700-138. DA
Form 2407-1 may be used when more room is needed. Items turned in for classification will be on separate
forms. Send a copy of DA Form 2408-5 (Equipment Modification Record) with the equipment to support
maintenance. The organization asking for maintenance fills out Section 1 of the DA Form 2407 and sends all
copies of the form with the equipment. The support unit fills in Block 24 and puts a local work order number on
the form. Copy 1 then goes back to the organization as a receipt for the equipment. The unit returns Copy 1
when the equipment is fixed and ready for pickup. Disposition involves retaining Copy 1 and destroying it when
the equipment is returned to the unit.
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